About Library

Welcome to the Library of Geeta College of Education. Our library has knowledge based rich collection of reading materials related to Education. Apart from this, we have books on general knowledge, UGC, fiction (English and Hindi) and others.

It is our constant endeavor to deliver the best of current knowledge and information. For this, we subscribe to a number of Hindi and English dailies and a number of magazines. Library Play an Important role for any educational institution so our library is well equipped with the latest books. The Library has open self system where member of the staff and students can consult books freely.

It serves as a portal from where the readers can access vast amount of information. The library staff tries to provide the best services to its readers.

Library Timings

The library remains open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. We offer its services around the year by keeping its doors open to the readers.

Library Rules

  • Using the Library and borrowing books from it, is a privilege given to the members. Any misuse of this or violation of any rules or codes may lead to the cancellation of this privilege.
  • Members may give suggestions on acquisition of books, journals etc. and on all round improvement of the Library. Complaints, if any, be submitted to the Librarian in writing for proper action. Library rules may be amended or altered as and when necessary. For the final examination, the students are privileged to get the books issued on security that is refundable. After getting the no-dues cleared from the library, the students can get the security refund from the library itself.

Issue and Return Procedure of Books

  • B.Ed Student is issue 2 book at a time for a Period of 14 Days
  • Our College Provo dive the Facilities of Their members for Recommend books to be purchased for library.
  • The new arrivals are displayed on a library notice board.
  • If the Student failed to return the books after due date then Rs. 1/- per day on every book we charged.